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The City of Palm Valley is a census-designated place (CDP) located in St. Johns County in the State of Florida, United States. It was an Indian village that was discovered before the first Spanish settlers arrived, which is known as Palm Valley today. Pottery, human skeletons, and Indian mounds have been spotted in the area. In 1703, the ranch and surrounding territory were called Diego Plains, which was owned by Don Diego Espinoza. By the 1730s, the ranch was used to protect its inhabitants from Indian attack and by 1739, Great Britain and Spain were at war and problems were brewing for the Diego Plains settlers. In 1908, the Intracoastal canal made access to the valley easier for locals that had settled in the area. They raised cattle, logged, farmed, and sold palm fronds to religious sectors. Due to the abundance of palm trees growing in the region, the settlers decided to name their community Palm Valley.

Palm Valley offers a variety of recreational activities for people of all ages to enjoy. You can visit places with different wildlife that offer pleasant nature views at Fantasy Farms and Bird Island Park which kids will enjoy. You can stroll at the park, go picnic with friends, do some sports-related activities, and bring your pets and kids to South Beach Park and Sunshine Playground. Palm Valley offers different places to swim, go kayaking, boat fishing, hike trails, and go bike riding such as Mickler Beach, Guana River Wildlife Management Area, and Nocatee Preserve.

The town is filled with sumptuous food choices that delight every palette, you can try out Palm Valley Fish Camp, Sonapa Grille, Valley Smoke Restaurant, and Nona Blue Modern Tavern are some of the well-known eateries in Palm Valley. The community is safe and friendly, a place to relax and unwind with a vast range of activities from golf to swimming. A place that is centrally located to other great places in Florida, an easier way to commute to other cities. 

Why is Solar Energy Important?

Solar energy does not rely on fossil fuels which are one cause of polluted air and water. It does not contribute to global warming, making them a preferred choice for many homeowners and business owners. The sun is a renewable energy source that will not run out, making solar energy more reliable. Installing may be costly but the benefits of adding solar power to your home or business will save you money considerably over time, making them a good investment.  

Why Choose Us?


Before hiring a solar installer you have to ask several questions regarding the installation of your solar power such as “How much power will I need? Where will the solar panel be placed? What will be the inverter type? Do they have permits and insurance?” etc. This provides you with a clear picture of what to expect from your solar company. Solar Power Palm Valley FL has comprehensive information providing you with all the details regarding solar systems. We guarantee professional service from the initial stage until after-care services.


Solar Power Palm Valley FL has been in the solar industry for a good amount of years, handling all types of solar installation and customization. We have reviews and feedback from past clients that are specific to your solar needs and we can show proof of previously finished projects to validate the quality of work.   

Licensed and Insured

Solar Power Palm Valley FL has complete certification, permits, and insurance required to install solar panels. It assures you that we are proficient and competent in handling solar power. With Insurance in place, we take accountability for any possible accidents during installation which will be one less thing to worry about on your end.  


Hiring Solar Power Palm Valley FL provides accuracy and efficiency in solar installation services. We have a well-established career with years of experience that have the necessary skills, and knowledge together with the application of the latest technology and installation strategies. The project is done correctly, effectively, and smoothly leaving no space for subpar work. 

Save Money and Get a FREE Quote

Hiring a professional solar installer is essential to guarantee high-quality workmanship. The first thing you need to consider is researching the best solar company that best fits your preference. Solar Power Palm Valley FL provides safe handling and installation of solar panels whether on the roof or the ground. Let us help you save money by switching to renewable clean energy. Schedule an appointment with us. Contact us and GET A FREE Quote.  

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