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Jacksonville Beach is a suburb of Jacksonville, found northeast of Florida’s “First Coast” in Duval County. The city is ranked as one of the nation’s most value-friendly destinations that offer residents the best urban and suburban feel.

Jacksonville got its name after General Andrew Jackson, the first military governor of Florida.

 Although the French Huguenots led by Capt. Jean Ribault claimed the First Coast area in 1562, it was the Spanish who first settled around Jacksonville Beach, carrying out missions from Mayport to St. Augustine. Jacksonville is now a thriving city and home to 22 miles of beaches, 50 public boat ramps, 40 miles of the Intracoastal Waterway, and known as the longest stretch of the St. Johns River in the state of Florida, United States.

There are lots of things in store for locals and tourists on Jacksonville beach, with the warm temperature and dozens of beaches to enjoy water-related activities and sports, you can have a fun-filled adventure like going kayaking, fishing, boating, surfing, swimming, and sunbathing. If you want to go extra for the day, try horseback riding on the beach or do yoga and paddleboarding in the Intracoastal area.

In Jacksonville Beach, you will find the perfect restaurant whatever your cravings may be. You can dine in at popular chains, fish camps, and elegant bistros that will satisfy your taste buds. Experience unique delicacies with a mix of cultures pioneered by local chefs infused with flavors of the coast and international taste. Some of the famous diners in the area are Salt Life Food Shack, Outback Steakhouse, Eleven South Bistro, Safe Harbor Seafood Restaurant, and many more.

Jacksonville offers abundant parks, ecological preserves, and waterways that provide unforgettable adventure and escape the city life. 

Why is Solar Energy Important?

Solar energy can be used to power a single household or a large establishment. It is a renewable, clean energy that gets its source from the sunlight, which means no harmful gas emission is being released into the atmosphere that causes climate change which endangers the environment. Solar power’s operational costs are quite low compared to other power generation methodologies, which can be a great money-saving tool for you in the long run.   

Why Choose Us?


Solar Power Jacksonville Beach FL is a team of professionals in accurately installing solar panels both in business facilities and homes. Our experience together with state-of-the-art technology, tools, and updated technique combined provide excellent output in handling and installing solar power.   


There are various angles you can look at to determine the quality of work from your potential solar company. Solar Power Jacksonville Beach FL is a reputable solar company that has a good track record in the business for years. You can validate past works and previous client feedback as proof of excellent solar system planning and installation.   

Licensed and Insured

Solar Power Jacksonville Beach FL are professionals that can guarantee capacity and authority to work in the solar business. We offer comprehensive insurance and warranty for clients before starting a solar project to ensure safety and peace of mind during and after installation.  


Solar Power Jacksonville Beach FL has gone through intensive training programs and certification to ensure preparedness for any solar installation projects. We are equipped with years of relevant experience that enhanced skills and knowledge from planning to installation of solar panels for both residential and commercial settings. 

Save Money and Get a FREE Quote

Installing solar power in your home and business will not only increase its value but will help reduce costs. Solar Power Jacksonville Beach FL are experts in providing the best solar design and system that fit your electricity usage. With a complete license and insurance, you can guarantee competency and reliability in installing your solar power. Schedule an appointment with us. Contact us and GET A FREE Quote.  

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