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Atlantic Beach is a city in Duval County, located in Northeast Florida, it was a small seaside community around 1900 when the builder of the Florida East Coast Railway, Henry Flagler built the Mayport branch of the railway and constructed a station just north of the former Atlantic Beach City Hall which is now called Adele Grage Cultural Center.

Most of the railroad land was sold to the Atlantic Beach Corporation in 1913 headed by Ernest R. Beckett. This began the installation of lights, water, sewer lines, and the paving of streets. But the Atlantic Beach Corporation went bankrupt due to the people being afraid to visit the coast during World War I. But, it was built again when the Governor appointed Harcourt Bull Sr. as the first Mayor when the town of Atlantic Beach was incorporated in 1926.

The Atlantic Beach area offers a ton of water-related activities since it is surrounded by water. You can visit Hanna Park which has a large campground with miles of pristine white sand beaches where you can surf. The park also offers fishing, kayaking, hiking, and biking. If you want a scenic and peaceful view, go to Atlantic Beach’s Howell Park and The St. Johns River. Other family or friends activities you can include are touring the Cummer Museum of Art, the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens, Florida Theatre and even shopping at Jacksonville’s Riverside Arts Market.

Atlantic Beach city has a fun yet relaxing neighborhood. In a friendly community, visitors find houses and condos for their getaway. an invitation for surfers, beach goers, campers, and bicyclists along Atlantic Beach’s northern border for fun-filled activities for people of all ages.   

Why is Solar Energy Important?

One of the main benefits is as long as there is sunlight, solar energy can be distributed anywhere, and generating your electricity means you will be less dependent on utility suppliers which translates to saving more on the energy bills. In addition, solar energy does not produce greenhouse gasses and does not pollute the water which causes harm and danger to wildlife and humans.  

Why Choose Us?


Planning and installing an effective rooftop solar power system can be tedious and tricky, so Solar Power Atlantic Beach FL can do the work effectively for you. With intensive knowledge and skills through years of experience and proper training, your solar panels will be installed correctly and safely.   


The best way to learn about a solar company’s background is to check past works and previous client feedback, and do your research on places like Yelp, BBB, Social media platforms, Solar reviews and google. This gives you an idea of the reputation of your potential solar company. We understand how important reviews and feedback are, and as proof of credibility, Solar Power Atlantic Beach FL has a good track record to show before starting a project. We can guide you through our company’s portfolio and background to give assurance of quality work. 

Licensed and Insured

One of the main benefits of working with Solar Power Atlantic Beach FL is that we are a local company that is well-informed with city regulations, local solar policies, local utility company details, and building codes specific to your area. We are capable of handling the planning and installation of solar panels. Aside from licenses, we provide insurance to protect clients from any liabilities of unexpected expenses due to possible accidents during installation.  


Hiring a solar company that’s experienced can have a big impact on how your solar panel’s appearance and performance may come out. Solar Power Atlantic Beach FL has years of experience with planning, installing, and customizing solar systems that are fit for every business or household needs. With in-depth training, comprehensive selection, and long-standing history in the industry, our workmanship will provide 100% satisfaction on results.  

Save Money and Get a FREE Quote

Are you thinking of switching to solar power? Let Solar Power Atlantic Beach FL help you with your journey. We provide solar-related services from solar installation to solar repair. We have complete insurance and license to effectively cater to any solar projects, with high-quality materials, top-of-the-line technology, and tools used for a faster, efficient, and excellent solar panel installation. Schedule an appointment with us. Contact Us and GET A FREE Quote.  

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