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The city of Orange Park was founded by the Florida Winter Home and Improvement Company in 1877. It was after the direct result of the adversity of the Civil War, that the old “McIntosh” plantation at Laurel Grove was in chaos. After they purchased thousands of acres of land in the area, they created a new town and called it Orange Park.

Orange Park, Florida is in Clay County, just 11 miles south of Jacksonville. It offers big city access with a small-town charm. Today, the city is thriving with several attractions and entertainment activities for residents and tourists alike. There are recreational activities for people of all ages that include golf courses, beaches, shops, sports complexes, and more. Some of the popular attraction sites are Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens, Fort Caroline National Memorial, Museum of Science & History, Jacksonville Zoo, and Yellow Bluff Fort Historic State Park. Visitors can also explore local cuisines, homemade cooking, and luxury dining.

The weather in Orange Park over the year includes a long, hot summer but is mostly cloudy; the winter season is shorter and partly cloudy. The temperature typically ranges from 46°F to 91°F and is rarely below 32°F or above 96°F. 

Why is Solar Energy Important?

The different energy production methods such as drilling for gas and mining for coal are serious threats and dangers to the environment. The amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere can cause massive trouble and impact if we don’t reduce harmful emissions. Solar Panels are one of the best solutions for helping the environment. They produce electricity from the sunlight which does not release any harmful air pollution that causes problems in the environment and health concerns for both animals and humans.  

Why Choose Us?


Solar Power Orange Park FL has years of relevant experience in the solar installation process. We ensure to use high-quality products for homeowners and business owners to get optimal performance on their solar power. We have a team of experts that provide professional customer service that answers all your solar questions and assists you down the line.  


Before hiring a solar company, it’s best to do your due diligence by checking for reviews, feedback, and job performance. Solar Power Orange Park FL is a local company that has a good reputation for providing reliable and efficient solar power in the area.   

Licensed and Insured

Solar Power Orange Park FL is complete with a license that will serve as a guarantee that we are legitimate and capable to carry out solar installation projects. Apart from licenses, we also carry insurance to protect our clients in case of potential injury or accidents.  


Solar Power Orange Park FL specializes in installing solar panels in residential and commercial settings. With our years of experience and good track record, we can provide different options that are suitable for your electricity needs. As veteran contractors, we foresee any possible issues, we provide in-depth solutions, adapt and apply up-to-date techniques, tools, and methodology in solar installation projects.    

Save Money and Get a FREE Quote

By switching to Solar, you can reduce the negative impact on the environment and also lower the cost of your utility bill. Solar energy offers a variety of benefits that will influence the environment and everyone in it. Solar Power Orange Park FL is dedicated to being part of the solution by providing solar panel installation that will benefit you. We can also help you determine the credits and incentives you can claim as part of going solar. Schedule an appointment with us to SAVE MORE. Contact us and GET A FREE Quote.

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