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Lakeside is located in northeastern Clay County, Florida. It is bordered by the Town of Orange Park. It is an unincorporated area and census-designated place in Clay County, Florida. One of the ten regional centers for primate research is The Yerkes Regional Research Center which was once located just west of Orange Park and is now the Lakeside CDP. The center was established in 1930 and was the first laboratory in the United States for the study of non-human primates.

Lakeside offers a variety of activities that can pump up the adrenaline for locals and tourists to enjoy. You can visit Lakeside Park I and II, Moody Avenue Park, and Mark Durbin Community Park to stroll, picnic, play basketball, tennis, and more. You’ll explore beautiful beaches, culture, lively music, and shopping districts all over the place. Don’t forget to grab a bite at several restaurants in the area to satisfy your cravings where they offer different cuisine types from home-cooked meals, cheap eats, and luxury dine-in. The Lakeside is a small place with incredible scenic views and a calm and friendly neighborhood. A suburban feel for residents and travelers for a peaceful and relaxing stay. 

Why is Solar Energy Important?

Solar energy is obtained from the sun’s radiation and converted to electricity, which means it is a natural source of power, and you won’t be needing to use harmful emissions from the grid that comes from dangerous production methods that are a threat to the environment. In addition, it will help you reduce costs for your house and business by saving money from paying electricity bills which fluctuate month after month.  

Why Choose Us?


Solar Power Lakeside FL offers professional guidance, suggestions, and recommendations on your solar power installation. We understand that it is essential to know every detail of the pros and cons of adding a solar panel in your area. We are a certified solar company that is SEI (Solar Energy International) and NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners) certified.  


Online reviews and feedback give an insight into the track record of the solar company. Solar Power Lakeside FL can provide proof of past works and client feedback to show quality work from planning, designing, and installing your solar power system. It’s important to do due diligence on your potential contractor before signing a contract.  

Licensed and Insured

Homeowners and business owners who hire solar installers without license and insurance are at risk. There’s no guarantee that they can deliver work that is up to standards and there’s a possibility of sub-par work or abandoning the job before it’s finished. You can be held accountable for any injury that occurs during installation. Solar Power Lakeside FL provides insurance as assurance that we will take accountability for any potential accident while installing your solar panels. As accomplished solar installers, we have a complete license to show capability and competency on any solar power project. As NABCEP certified, we are experts, and knowledgeable, with high standards in training and well-established professionals in the business of solar.  


Installing solar panels can be laborious, there will be using ladders and climbing up and down carrying racks and panels on the rooftop. This can expose you to danger and risk which is why a professional solar company should do the work. Solar Power Lakeside FL are experts who are licensed and trained to install solar power systems efficiently. We have years of experience with skills and mastery, equipped with the latest tools and techniques in properly installing your solar system.  

Save Money and Get a FREE Quote

Solar Energy is good for the environment as it does not generate waste. Producing your clean energy helps in reducing costs drastically. The benefits of switching to solar energy can be endless and long-lasting. Solar Power Lakeside FL is specialized to handle solar installation effectively and efficiently. We can provide all relevant information to match the best solar system for your lifestyle. You can guarantee high-quality solar panel installation that maximizes performance. Schedule an appointment with us. Contact us and GET A FREE Quote.  

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